Tradewinds Trilogy | Sprint Triathlons and Duathlons

Important Info


Both the bike and run are 2 laps. Do not assume the person in front of you is on the same lap and just follow them into transition or through the finish line. If you do, just turn around and go back out and do another lap. The timer will figure it out and fix your time.

Race Numbers

PLEASE DO NOT ALTER YOUR RACE NUMBERS IN ANY WAY (cutting down, display incorrectly, etc.)! THE USAT OFFICIALS WILL PENALIZE YOU IF YOU DO. There are three race numbers in your race packet that you are required to display during the event. The bicycle frame number is the large sticker and should be wrapped around your seat post or frame so that the number is upright and visible from both sides of your bicycle. The small sticker is the helmet number and must be affixed to the front of your helmet. The run number must be displayed during the run segment on the front of your body. We recommend using a triathlon race belt to attach your number so you don't swim and bike with the race number pinned to your clothes.

Body Marking (Race Morning)

You will have your race number written on your left bicep with a marker so that you can be identified by officials and photographers during the race when you don't have a race bib on.

Swim Cap

The swim cap placed in your race packet must be worn during the swim. Do not trade your swim cap with another athlete, as the caps are color coded to assist race management in organizing groups at the swim start. The cap must be worn during the entire swim and taken back to the transition area with you. A variable time penalty will be assessed to anyone leaving their cap on the course. Sometimes latex swim caps are used. In that case, please inform the officials if you have a latex allergy and you will be allowed to swim without a swim cap or with your own. A brightly colored swim cap is recommended as swim caps are also a safety feature to make you more visible to the lifeguards.

Dropping Out

Please notify a race official and return your timing chip at the finish line if you drop out of the race. YOUR TIMING CHIP MAY ONLY BE RETURNED AT THE FINISH LINE! DO NOT GIVE IT TO ANYONE ELSEWHERE ON THE COURSE.

Bike Check-In

Bike check-in is on race morning only between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m.

Transition Security

Only registered racers will be allowed to enter the transition area at any time, before, during, or after the race. This is for the protection of your equipment, so please obey all of the rules and respect the security guards who are there protecting your stuff! If you lose your race number please go to the information tent for assistance in retrieving your bike. ANYONE CAUGHT TRYING TO JUMP, CLIMB, OR CROSS THE TRANSITION SECURITY FENCE AT ANY TIME WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED-EVEN AFTER THE EVENT! You may only enter transition at the 2 guarded entrances-NO EXCEPTIONS! We are serious about securing your valuables! You should be too!

DO NOT LEAVE ANY OTHER VALUABLES IN TRANSITION, especially small items that can be smuggled out (including bicycle computers).

Pre-Race Clinic and Q&A Session

City Bikes
City Bikes - Pembroke Pines
671 NW 100th Pl
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
(954) 682-8889

Friday before each race at 5:30 pm

Wetsuits & Water Temps

It is very unlikely that the water temperature will be below 78 degrees, which is the USAT cutoff for allowing wetsuits in the swim.

Memorial Day Weekend

Round 1
Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Independence Day Weekend

Round 2
Independence Day Weekend

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Triathlon Season Opener

Round 3
Labor Day Weekend

Saturday, September 4, 2021